How to Watch Discovery Plus Canada

How to watch discovery plus in Canada

Discovery Plus is a new streaming service from Discovery that offers its content to view on-demand for Food Network, HGTV, TLC, ID, Animal Planet, and Discovery Channel. Programs to watch include “Ghost Adventures” and “Mysterious Planet.” The downside is this app is not available in Canada – In this article, we will lay out the steps to watch all your favorite Discovery programming in Canada.

If you like crime shows, movies, and dramatic TV series created based on reality, then Discovery Plus is the perfect streaming service for you.

Despite content-distribution policies and streaming rights, Discovery Plus is not available in most of the countries, including Canada.

But if you can get an American IP address, you can access Discovery Plus in Canada. Here’s how to do it:

How to Watch Discovery Plus in Canada? (Unblocking Steps)

  1. You can download and subscribe to a VPN (we highly recommend NordVPN).
  2. Now sign in to the VPN and open it.
  3. To connect to the US server, access the list.
  4. Now head to Discovery Plus, sign in and start streaming in Canada.

Note: Though the service is available in many countries, Discovery Plus offers more content to users located in the United States. Stream Canada exclusive Discovery Plus programming with help from a VPN.

But to stream in Canada or anywhere else, you'll need a subscription to Discovery Plus. You can sign up for the service by using one of the following methods:

How to Sign Up for Discovery Plus in Canada?

You can sign up for Discovery Plus directly on the service's website.

However, you might face issues signing up for your desired package due to geo-restrictions.

However, a VPN is an excellent solution to bypass geo-restrictions and watch Discovery Plus in Canada.

In Canada, there are three ways to get Discovery Plus:

  • If you have an American credit card, you can purchase a Discovery Plus subscription.
  • To get a Discovery Plus subscription, use an American virtual prepaid card.
  • You can get a Discovery Plus subscription with an iTunes or Google Play gift card.

Method 1: With an American credit card

In order to get Discovery Plus in Canada, you’ll need an American card and a US country code. Here’s how to subscribe to Discovery Plus via a US credit card.

To download and sign up for a VPN, we recommend NordVPN.

Open the VPN app and sign in to the USA server.

On the Discovery Plus website, click on “Start Your Free Trial” and choose a plan.

Enter the required information and then click “submit”. You can easily find US zip codes on Google or use any one of these: Washington (98093, 98003), California (90058, 90255).

If you don’t have a US card, follow these steps to sign up.

Method 2: Use US Virtual Prepaid Card

Using your Canadian credit card (Master or Visa) you can get Discovery Plus in Canada.

With your Canadian credit card, you can purchase the US pre-paid virtual card. From there, you'll be able to use your Discovery Plus subscription in Canada.

Visit the US Virtual Prepaid Card website to create a virtual card.

You can now add funds to your US virtual prepaid card using your MasterCard/Visa credit card, or PayPal account.

Please visit “” and click “Show Card Details” to view all of your card's relevant information.

If you're outside the US, download and sign up for VPN if you haven't already and connect to a server in the USA. We used NordVPN to access Discovery Plus with an American IP address from Canada.

To purchase a gift, go to “” and select one of the following gift cards

Once you click “Buy Now” on one of the article options, a new page will appear. Simply select the “Email gift to recipient” option and then enter all required details in the necessary sections as well as your email address in the “Recipient Name & Email” section. Now select “Purchase It.”

Fill out all the required form fields to proceed with your gift card purchase. Make sure you select US address and ZIP code correctly on Google.

Now in the card details form, enter your US virtual prepaid card information and other required details noted earlier, then choose to pay now.

Once the process is complete, follow the instructions to receive your gift card code and note it on your phone.

Head to and enter the gift card included online, then select continue on the next page – noting that you should be connected to the VPN while doing so.

Enter your email address, create the Discovery Plus account, and start streaming in Canada.

Method 3: Use iTunes/Google Play Gift Card

Apple Store gift cards can be used to sign up for Discovery Plus only if you live in the US.

With your Canadian credit card, you can purchase a US iTunes/Google Play gift card online.

Open the VPN app and connect to the USA server, then go to the Apple store ( or Google Play ( and purchase a gift card with your Canadian credit card.

Once you have the iTunes/Google Play gift cards, follow these steps to subscribe for Discovery Plus in Canada:

Head to and enter the gift card included online, then select continue on the next page. Next up – I want to know if all VPNs work with Discovery Plus in Canada. No, not all VPNs will unblock geo-blocked streaming services like Discovery Plus in Canada and many other countries abroad.

Depending on where you are located, it is important to select a trustworthy VPN service for streaming. We’ve spent months testing VPNs to find the best VPN for watching Discovery Plus in Canada.

Best VPNs to Watch Discovery Plus in Canada

NordVPN (Recommended)

NordVPN is an option that many people are utilizing, it offers over 5,000 servers globally which makes it great for unblocking content. They also have dedicated IP addresses and have apps on all devices so getting out of WiFi range should be no problem with their six simultaneous connections.

First-class encryption is another aspect that separates a premium VPN provider from a mediocre one. And NordVPN clearly belongs to the category of premium providers.

Of great importance to Canadians is that NordVPN's website is clearly labeled as “no-log.” The company performs regular audits to prove that it does not collect any data on its users. It also offers a strict no-logs policy which has been verified through a real-time audit and this is an industry-standard.

NordVPN also offers SmartPlay technology, which allows users to unblock streaming geo-restrictions. You can easily access Discovery Plus in Canada with NordVPN on all your devices including PC, Mac, Android TV, Amazon Fire Stick, or iOS.


With ExpressVPN, it is easy to watch Discovery Plus in Canada. In addition to its great unblocking ability and lightning-fast servers for streaming, Express VPN has a simple interface that makes it easy to access. You can also use it to secure your internet traffic while traveling.

ExpressVPN has been named the fastest VPN on the market, and with good reason. It is highly reliable and significantly improves performance, making streaming a breeze. On top of this, ExpressVPN boasts one of the largest networks in the industry with over 1,500 servers located in 94.

We tested 72 US servers in ExpressVPN, and 97% of them allow us to stream Discovery Plus in Toronto, Canada. Ultra-high-definition and 4K content without any buffering or lag issues.

With the ExpressVPN app, you can watch your favorite Discovery content on your Windows or Mac desktop, Android smartphone or tablet, and Amazon Firestick/Fire TV devices.

And this provider also offers media streamer software, router configurations for those who want to stream Discovery Plus, and other geo-blocked video services on devices like Roku, Apple TV, Xbox, or PlayStation.

ExpressVPN provides five simultaneous connections per subscription.

In short, this product is the perfect VPN for people who enjoy streaming and are always looking to access geographically blocked content.

This provider is an outstanding choice for both unblocking geo-blocked sites and providing privacy to your online browsing.

How VPN Unblock Discovery Plus in Canada?

VPNs were originally created to help people get around blocks that prevent them from accessing certain websites or services. For example, if you want to watch the BBC iPlayer abroad but are blocked because you live outside of the UK, a VPN will bypass those restrictions and connect your device directly to a server in the location of your choosing. When connected to this “foreign” server, it appears as though you're located in Britain – meaning you can log in to the BBC iPlayer and start streaming without any problems.

If you decide that Discovery Plus is worth using despite its geo-restrictions, then a virtual private network (VPN) is probably what you need. A VPN provides a secure connection between two devices – a computer and an Internet router. To access Discovery Plus in Canada, a VPN can mask your local IP and change it with the country IP address of your choice.

This lets you access the content on Discovery Plus's website as if you were in a different country. In this case, your location is Canada. If you choose an American IP address, that could let you access local sites like NBC or CBS.

Is it Legal to Watch Discovery Plus in Canada with a VPN?

Yes, you can use a VPN in Canada to access geo-restricted streaming services like Discovery Plus and protect your privacy.

Canadians have been using VPNs for well over ten years to unlock geo-blocked exclusive streaming content from Discovery channels. Unfortunately, using a VPN to stream content from Discovery Plus in Canada is against the company's terms and conditions. But we haven't heard of any incident yet where an account has been closed for breaking these rules.